Electronic Property Information Conveyancing
Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions relating to the EPIC site and general information.

SA Water endeavours to make sure that information provided on this web site is correct at the time of publication. However if you rely on the information on this site you are responsible for the verification to its accuracy and completeness.

Change of Name & Address

  • Solicitors, Conveyancers and Land Agents are requested to advise SA Water of the settlement date and name and postal address of the new owner as soon as possible following settlement.
  • This form is to be used only if the whole of the property described has been transferred to a single ownership/joint ownership. In this case rates must be settled to 30th June following registration.

Certificate of Charges

  • Please check that the information provided on the certificate is in respect to the property being settled. Where a property has a number of occupancies, eg Home Units, a separate Certificate of Charges will be required for each separately assessed occupancy.
  • The charges recorded on the certificate are based on the capital value shown. However the information provided on the certificate is subject to charges made under the provisions of the Waterworks and Sewerage Acts in respect of variations in valuation or extension of water mains and/or sewerage mains or new connections.
  • Water and sewerage charges are reviewed each financial year; consequently the information provided for one financial year is not valid for the subsequent year.
  • Within any rating year, the next quarterly account will be the same as the previous one as far as water and sewerage rates are concerned unless the rateability of the property changes.
  • Settlements due shortly after 1st July: Applications should not be lodged prior to 1st July as information pertaining to the next quarterly charge cannot be given where the next quarter is the first quarter in a new rating year.
  • If the vendor has been allowed concession rates, normal rates will apply on the next account calculated after the change of ownership.
  • Recovery Action Taken: When information is provided in this field, additional charges may accrue depending on the nature of the Recovery Action. Inquiries about these additional charges should be made prior to any settlement payment.

Special Meter Readings

  • The actual water use charge can only be determined after the final meter reading of the Water Use (consumption) year. However a special reading will be made on application and payment of the required fee. This will provide the water use registered at that time.
  • SA Water makes no water use apportionment.

Encumbrance Information

  • The Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act requires the vendor to provide details of any encumbrance.
  • Encumbrance information issued by SA Water will be provided at a fee.